A List Of Free Business Process Management Courses

Perspectives are views that help in providing focus to the tasks and techniques applied within an initiative or project. BABOK Guide V3 unveils a number of perspectives that may be adopted in carrying out business analysis work: Agile, Business Intelligence, Information Technology, Business Architecture and Business Process Management (BPM).

The BPM perspective unveils the unique characteristics of business analysis when practised within the context of developing or improving business processes. You may browse through our collection of posts on BPM to get started.

In order to improve existing processes, BAs should have a solid understanding of BPM. So, if you’re a business analyst involved in a BPM project, use these free courses to get up to speed on BPM concepts:

1. Business Process Modelling and Analysis (2013) by Prof. Dr. Mathias Weske: The aim of this course is to provide insight into the concepts and language for describing and analyzing business processes. 

2. Fundamentals of Business Process Management: This course is offered by Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane and introduces BPM by focusing on each phase of the BPM lifecycle.

Here's an excerpt from the course:

You’ll learn techniques and tools for process identification, discovery, analysis, improvement, automation and monitoring. You’ll also see how to apply these techniques and tools to a range of examples and case studies that show the power of BPM in practice.

3. Diploma in Business Process Management: This course is offered for free by ALISON and covers key modules on documenting business processes, business intelligence, knowledge management, system design and implementation, within the context of BPM.

4.  Explore BPM with Bizagi, a popular software vendor in the BPM landscape. The course teaches how to model and automate business processes using Bizagi BPM Suite.

Do you know of other free BPM courses I can add to this list?

Picture Attribution: “Flowchart Diagram” by jscreationzs/Freedigitalphotos.net