A List of Agile Software Tools

If you’re working as part of an agile team and are looking for software tools to help report work in progress, backlog items, create reports and generate other artefacts typically produced by agile teams, you’ve probably already come across Trello and Jira. In addition to these tools however, there are other tools in the market you may explore, depending on the peculiarities of your project.

I recently came across an article on agile planning tools by The Digital Project Manager, that provides an introduction to agile/scrum and reviews the following Agile tools:

  1. Hansoft

  2. Ravetree

  3. Easy Redmine

  4. Jira

  5. Trello

  6. Pivotal Tracker

  7. Phabricator

  8. Nostromo

  9. Taiga

  10. Blossom

Personally, I’ve used both Jira and Trello, which serve different audiences. I’ve found that Jira is suited to development/technical teams as it can be used for creating and linking epics, user stories, test cases, defects & recording other key activities related to software development. Jira can be used for storing an electronic version of the team wall, preparing reports, and it provides an electronic audit trail on product development activities. Trello on the other hand, is more easily adopted by business stakeholders as it’s straightforward, requires no prior understanding of software development terminologies, and may be used for requirements management.

Do you know of any other agile software tools?