5 Core Values at the Heart Of Scrum Teams

Scrum teams embrace certain core values to ensure their team’s health and success. While these values may also be embraced by factions of an organisation that do not necessarily form part of scrum teams, these values are typically at the centre of any scrum team.

Focus: Scrum teams focus on a few tasks at once so they can deliver value sooner. The scrum framework advocates having a minimal amount of workload in progress, and places a high emphasis on finishing off tasks as quickly as possible.

Respect: Scrum team members respect each other and work together to ensure success is delivered as often as possible and that failures are well-managed, should they occur.

Openness: Scrum teams are open about their progress and express how well they are doing as they work towards achieving the common goal. This is achieved via constant collaboration, stand-up sessions and visibility of work.

Courage: Scrum team members work together as a team and after repeated successes, show increased courage needed to undertake greater challenges.

Commitment: Scrum team members are dedicated in terms of their actions and effort.

Whether or not your organisation adopts the scrum framework, encourage these values and you’ll start to see your team’s efforts in action.