Agile Business Analyst Certification: The Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Certification From

One of the quickest ways to prove your competency as an agile business analyst is getting certified. Though having experience on agile teams is valuable, it’s also worthwhile going the extra mile to formalise that experience by getting certified. Certification is also a great path for those without experience on agile teams to get their feet wet.

As I’ve always been a fan of certifications, I’ve set a new goal for myself this month: to pass the PSM certification, offered by

If you’re looking for a starting point to learn scrum fundamentals, I’ve created two sets of flash cards that may be used by anyone aspiring to write the Professional Scrum Master assessment. It is based solely on the contents of the Scrum guide.

Have a go and let me know what you think:


SET 2:

Update: I’ve now passed the certification exam exactly one week after I attended a 2-day training program. I recommend reading the scrum guide at least twice and taking the open assessment on the website before attempting it. Take a look at my certificate to see what it looks like.