On Shipping Products

How do you release on time? You fix scope. You have release criteria. You have shorter projects because they are easier to estimate and deliver. You use an incremental or an agile lifecycle so you have more predictability about your release - Johanna Rothman

On Building Trust

Trust is key to relationships. In fact, people often stay with a mechanic or garage that they trust for years – even if they know they can get a cheaper deal elsewhere. Trust helps build customer loyalty, which is extremely beneficial as it’s often stated that signing up a new customer costs on average 4-6 times more than keeping an existing one. A holistic view of the business, achieved through thorough business analysis will help to ensure a consistent level of service and quality are delivered, and this is one of the cornerstones to building trust with customers - Adrian Reed

On Communication

In reality, very few stakeholders value reports by weight. The trick is to write just enough… and that’s a challenge I’m sure we’ve all grappled with! By really thinking about the needs of the document consumers, we can edit it down, so it provides them even better value - Adrian Reed