On Stakeholder Observation

The next time you need to elicit a process, try this: Interview the subject matter expert and document the steps in the process. Then watch them perform the process. Chances are, you will pick up a lot more steps in the process than what they told you. They are not trying to be secretive, they are just being human. They make internal assumptions. By observing the process, you get to see each individual action they perform in order to complete the entire process. Only then can you question the reasons behind certain actions so you can truly understand it - Paul Mulvey

On The Importance of Data Migration

Data migration is typically the most overlooked component of a project that involves moving from an old system to a new system. While there can be many people involved in discovering the new business requirements or in designing a new UI, the data migration task itself tends to be either forgotten or delegated to one person. This perceived simplicity of data migration leads many project managers (and sometimes the business analyst) to think that data migration can be separated from the main body of tasks needed to deliver the system - Yvonne Harrison

On Avoiding Manual Workarounds

We should keep an eye out for “manual workarounds” creeping into our project.  We should challenge the view that “a few seconds here and there is fine” and ensure that our stakeholders have the right data on which to base the decision. Small numbers soon become big and can cripple a business case - Adrian Reed