On Eliciting Customer Needs

There is value in letting the customer drive the conversation—whether it be through the repertory grid approach, or by going to a place where the conversation naturally occurs itself, such as Amazon product reviews. More times than not, this approach can give companies a much better shot at really developing features the market wants, features they need, and ultimately features they will use - Kelly Burroughs

On the Power of Data Modelling

I do worry that too many projects nowadays concern themselves with process rather than content, and with slogans rather than techniques. Data modelling is a well-proven technique that is fundamental for successful business analysis - The Business Alchemist

On the Role of Business Analysts

We know that one of the first things lead business analysts need to do is to uncover the real issue, problem or business need. And then make sure that whatever requirements or ideas are suggested align with the thing we were trying to address in the first place - The Business Alchemist

On Requirements Management

Documenting requirements is an important part of any successful project, but at the end of the day, if we are spending our time and energy on managing the vehicle we use to communicate them instead of the requirements themselves, there is a large risk that requirements will be overlooked, be incomplete, and ultimately not clearly define what it is the business needs to be successful - Kelly Burroughs