Benefits of Cloud-Based BPM Solutions

The speed of accessing BPM software in the cloud makes it easy for companies to try it out and get a feel for how it works without the initial need for significant resources. The pay per use subscription model employed by “Software As A Service” providers means that huge savings in terms of costs (infrastructure and resources) can be made from the onset. 

BPM in the cloud can be deployed cost-effectively with no requirement for maintenance, leading to a faster return on investment for businesses.

 For this to work effectively however, businesses must ensure that:

  1. The cloud BPM solution can access data in the cloud for process execution.
  2. The data necessary to execute processes can be legally stored in the cloud
  3. Access to data within and outside the organisation can be granted (e.g. using mash apps) to facilitate data integration.
  4. Data security and integrity is preserved.

Cloud-based BPM solutions can help businesses deploy uniform processes across multiple office locations at a minimal cost to deliver a key BPM benefit - Agility.

Here's an interesting analysis of the benefits of moving to the cloud (with examples from movies) to illustrate the point further.

Picture Attribution: “Cloud Computing Storage Shows Network Or Internet Networking” by Stuart Miles/