6 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety On the Job

Having to deal with everyday stress from our jobs can sometimes be tough enough to bring us down. Having to deal with anxiety disorder on the other hand, well, that will at least double the trouble. But you know what Nietzsche said, “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger”, and he couldn’t have said it better.

You’ll need to learn how to deal with the situation. But first, you must understand that it’s all in your head; scenarios created by your imagination that don’t matter and will almost never happen. Anxiety can do a lot of damage to your career starting from your productivity and performance on the job, to your relationships with coworkers and supervisors.

Regular practice of mindfulness and yoga can help you manage your disorder, but to succeed in reducing your anxiety to almost normal levels is tougher than it looks. You must observe your behavior while you’re at work and observe how you react to stressful situations or deadlines. There are a lot of effective guides and strategies to help you calm down and leave your worries at the workplace but your personal motivation will be your driving force.

We have compiled 8 simple tips that will help you lower your anxiety levels while helping you to keep your calm, focus, and grow your productivity. Here we go:

1. Create A Wellness Plan

The wellness plan is your first key to managing anxiety at work. Why? Well, as we all know, we can only have a healthy mind within a healthy body. So, we must take care of our physical health first to have the power to fight anxiety.

Just ask yourself if you sleep enough hours per night, if you drink enough water, if you do regular exercises to keep yourself in a good shape, if you eat regularly and healthy, and if you have a healthy social life. Based on your answers, create the perfect plan to balance all the aspects of your life mentioned above. Within weeks, you’ll find dealing with anxiety an easier mission to complete.

2. Meet Your Colleagues

Getting to know everyone personally at work and what their expertise is can help you feel less self-conscious and more confident at work. Knowing and remembering everyone’s name in the company takes some practice, however.

3. Set Reasonable Deadlines

As an anxious person, you must acknowledge your strengths and limits and then agree or not to deadlines.

Otherwise, overloading yourself with deadlines you’re aware you cannot meet will increase your anxiety levels. Take baby steps and don’t push yourself too hard, you have a battle to win here and plenty of time to win it.

4. Acknowledge What Makes You Anxious

Finding out the main reasons you’re anxious at work can release a lot of worry and stress. Take your time, note down these reasons, and analyze them wisely. Are they really worth the trouble? Why are you so afraid of those things? Know yourself well and emphasize your strengths.

5. Take Some Time Out For Yourself

Our jobs already take more than enough of our time, so why allow it to bother us at home too? When you arrive home after long working hours, allow yourself to rest and reflect.

If you don’t give yourself enough time to recover from the stress at work, your anxiety will constantly build up. Your mental health is important so be sure to refresh your mind and energy levels.

6. Stay Positive

Positivity is very important but difficult. Staying positive may seem impossible from your place of anxiety and despair but it can be achieved.

You have the power to choose how you feel and respond to situations by simply using your willpower. I know that in theory, everything sounds easy, but you must regain control over yourself and choose to deal with your anxiety positively.

Moreover, if finding happiness seems to be hard for you right now, just use the power of memory. Recall some happy times from your childhood, and the adventures you will never forget. Joyful memories can bring back the spark in your eyes and help you stay focused on your goals.


Our world is made of winners and losers. Regardless of what anyone wants or likes, people who work hard and stand strong in front of their challenges will always be the winners. Treat your anxiety like you would an obstacle and respect it just like you’d respect an important enemy. Don’t allow one battle to get you down. Focus on the war and keep fighting without ever giving up.



Mary Whitman is a writer with the Master of Arts from The University of Adelaide. Mary works focused on the environmental issues and art. She works as an editor at Assignment Geek.