Why Do Some People Get Promoted And Others Don’t?

Apart from those already high up the career ladder with nowhere else to go, the rest of us have to work very hard for a promotion. The terms for promoting an employee across organizations are not always clear or uniform. In some cases, promotions are done through a combination of performance evaluation and promotion examination. For others, it may be a combination of different factors. The key is to identify what factors your organization considers in deciding whether an employee should be promoted or not and work on getting yourself noticed.

A promotion will not just land on your laps, however. It takes a persistent and concentrated effort at developing the right habits to ensure you get promoted when the opportunity does arrive. There are some prerequisites that must be fulfilled at the minimum before you can expect a promotion:

 1) There is a position that needs to be filled

2) You are qualified for the job and have shown that you can handle the responsibilities of your current position

3) You have expressed interest by applying for the job or discussing with your boss on what opportunities are available for promotion.

While applying the tips in this post does not mean you will get handed a promotion the minute you do, it does give you considerable mileage.

If you have been on the job for up to three years or more, you must have experienced how some of your colleagues got promoted, while some others in the same company, having worked for several years, are still on the same level. You might even have asked yourself, “What did Mr. Johnson do to get promoted?” or “Poor Mrs. Smith, she has been working here for eight years, and still no promotion. Why?”. 

To answer this question, here are some of the reasons why some people get promoted and others don’t.

Qualities of people that GET promoted:

They respect management

Of course, as an employee, you should respect your employers. Be respectful and civilised with them. Remember: Respect begets respect!

They always make something out of their jobs…and more!

People who get promoted in their jobs are the ones who accomplish anything they are told to do ON TIME. They do not put off things till the next day if those things can be done today. When they see a chance to work, they go for it. They give in their best in all their tasks and consistently do an excellent job.

They conduct themselves professionally

Another quality that people who get promoted have is their professionalism. When we talk about employees who display professionalism, they are those who dress properly, are approachable, know how to socialize, speak well, exhibit open-mindedness and act with leadership and conviction. These people also show that they are open to receiving feedback from others.

Qualities of people that DO NOT GET promoted:

 They have been blacklisted by the boss

This can happen if they fight and disagree with the boss in public. No boss enjoys being humiliated in public. Another reason for being blacklisted is gossip. Gossiping about co-workers, the company, and especially about management can keep you at the same level for a long time. If you ever intend to go far, don’t get dragged into petty conversations about how management has gone down the drain. Show your support for projects and only seek to deliver solutions.

They complain a lot 

Some employees have the habit of complaining about their work and their workplace. They complain about everything and anything. Complaints only serve to spread negative vibes in the workplace. No company wants a bad egg in its midst.

They fail to accomplish their tasks

There are some people who just can’t seem to accomplish whatever their assigned task is. These people tend to procrastinate and complete their projects way beyond assigned deadlines.

 In summary, practising these tips will help you stay on the track to getting promoted:

  1. Deliver Results - What corporate people want is help. They need help getting problems solved and initiatives completed. Keep delivering and you’ll eventually find your way up the corporate ladder.

  2. Show Results - Keep a record of your achievements and make sure they are well-documented and highlighted during your appraisal sessions. Performance is different from perception. Make sure your contributions are known and are visible. You may be the best employee but you will not get promoted if nobody knows what you are doing or you are working as an island. Inform people of your progress and send out emails/updates on any project you are managing. Use any opportunity you get to sell yourself but don't be lousy about it.

  3. Acquire new knowledge and skills - Expand your horizons and learn more about the subjects that matter to your business so that you can get ahead.

  4. Be positive at work - Being positive does not mean concealing your fears. Express yourself but find a way to deliver news in a positive way.

  5. It’s possible that you need to be a little more patient at work - Perhaps you only need to wait another year for your promotion to fall through.

  6. Dress Well - If you dress better than others, you create a lasting positive impression of yourself on others.

  7. Show that you have done well in the position you are in and are ready to lead by taking hard decisions.

  8. Don’t get defensive especially when you are in the wrong. Separate your work from your personal feelings and be willing to listen to the opinions of others without being dismissive or unappreciative of their contributions.