How Do I Deal With Feelings Of Underappreciation At Work?

Persistent feelings of underappreciation at work can be very worrisome and often signifies a deep-seated problem that needs to be addressed. 

You do your best at work, make decisions you believe are right, deliver success after success but you still feel unappreciated. It’s very important to understand where those feelings are coming from before they take over and become crippling. Underappeciation has the potential to make you feel depressed and consistently unworthy of your role. Such feelings should not be left to fester and should be addressed immediately. Here are 5 simple steps you can take to improve the situation and how you feel about yourself.

1. Always remind yourself that you have been hired to do a job. The fact that you give your best day in, day out does not imply that your boss will praise you on a daily basis. Just keep doing what you do best. Don’t forget that there’s a strong possibility that your boss appreciates your efforts but he is just not coming out in the open to say it. Accept the fact that you won’t always receive a tap on the back every time you think you deserve it. 

2. Be confident in your abilities. Keep a record of all your achievements - all the great things you have done at the company. Read them to yourself and don’t let feelings of underappreciation dilute your accomplishments. Be proud of your accomplishments - this will improve your confidence and help you tackle your fears in due course.

3. Evaluate yourself - Is there something that you do consistently that would make others not appreciate you? If there are any obvious shortcomings or bad habits you have, identify them and take a positive step to address those shortcomings. Ask for feedback and act on any points of correction you receive.

4. Are you stuck in a rut? It’s possible you have been on the same level since you were recruited and there does not seem to be a promotion in sight. If you have done everything that you possibly can and cannot see a way up in the company, consider making a move to another company that is better suited to your aspirations. If you make your requests known and nothing changes, stand up for yourself and what you need. If you don’t get it, leave. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

5. Don’t personalise anything. Most likely, your boss appreciates you and a change in his attitude might not necessarily mean that he has stopped appreciating your work.

Working through these feelings will not happen overnight. It takes a reasonable level of effort on your part as well. No matter what you are going through at the moment, remember that it’s just for a while and that you do have the power to turn things around.

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