Tips On Using Social Media To Land The Job of Your Dreams

The social media landscape has transformed how headhunters search for the kind of people they need. Headhunters acknowledge that social media platforms are where people tend to congregate. Likewise, they recognize that this pool of professionals can hold the talent they are looking for and are ready to expand their search using social medial. Though some have lost their jobs as a result of a disagreeable post or tweet, the social media platform remains a fertile ground for recruiters and people looking for opportunities. This article highlights how to use the power of social media to land your dream job.

  1. Create an engaging profile. The search starts and ends with your profile. All social media platforms recommend that members complete their profiles. Social media networks like LinkedIn usually request for information similar to what’s contained in resumes. Members are asked to provide their names, contact details, interests, education and jobs held. Creating an online profile is similar to creating a resume – It should provide a comprehensive picture and description of your background and suitability for the position at hand.
  2. Add relevant friends. LinkedIn has an edge here with their Groups list. Facebook is another viable option. Join relevant professional/discussion groups that fall within your field or industry and participate in discussions. Don’t hold back on socializing and mixing with other professionals. Who knows, you just might be the kind of professional an organization is looking for to fill a vacancy.
  3. Follow strategically. Follow or like the companies you would like to be a part of someday. This will help you keep abreast of news and developments in the company. Whenever possible, engage in conversations initiated by these companies. Your awareness of trends and events will tell a lot about you - your responsiveness to other people’s needs, knowledge on a particular subject and your experience.
  4. Hunt for jobs online. Apart from online career ads, reading through the feeds of companies or organizations that you follow can provide insight into available opportunities. In some cases, the feed might be an inside scoop on a vacancy that hasn’t been published yet.  Opportunities can also be explored when a member of a group holds a position that is responsible for staffing a new branch, office or establishment. You can then inquire as to how to apply for the position.
  5. Be organized. When applying these tips, do so in an organized and systematic fashion. Set aside time to create and tweak your profile and add relevant friends. This way, you will be able to concentrate on developing your reach one step at a time. Eventually, you will be able to network with potential recruiters and refer them to your profile. 

On Twitter, you can follow individuals or organizations that discuss job openings and use the power of hashtags to find job openings. On LinkedIn, connect with professionals in your field of interest, get as many endorsements as possible, share content and make sure your profile is up-to-date. 

Take the fun of social media to the next level by using it to land the job of your dreams.


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