How To Stop Feeling Stupid At Work

You're probably still hurting and so is your pride. The wound is still fresh. You are feeling completely incompetent right now. Slightly angry at the world and definitely mad at yourself. Though very few people will admit to this, there are many incidents at work that often call to question our competence. Days when we feel less than proud of our achievements (or lack of it).

Whenever that feeling of inadequacy creeps up, remind yourself that no one is perfect. As much as we all want to rise out of every professional encounter looking like a star, it won't always happen. And what's more? Even the best of us feel stupid sometimes. The most important thing to do is to channel that frustration and feeling of despondency into something positive. Remind yourself of these:

  1. You've done many positive things for the company and they are very lucky to have you.

  2. You are a professional and were considered employable with a unique skill set that the company requires otherwise, you would not have been employed.

  3. Things are not always as bad as they seem. Even if your worst fears were to come true and the situation become really bad, you must live to fight another day.

  4. You are talented. Think of all your achievements. Think of all the mistakes you made in the past that led to lessons you could not have learned any other way. Think of all the wins that brought you to where you are now.

  5. Try to get to the root of why you feel the way you do – Do you need to watch what you say? Do you need more training in a specific area? Do you need to change your approach to dealing with your boss? Do you need to work on your confidence? Do you jump to conclusions without sufficient evidence? Perhaps you need to talk to someone?Thinking about ways you can improve your current self and actively seeking this improvement can help you avoid uncomfortable situations in the future.

Don't let anyone get you down. If you do, they've won.


"Worried Caucasian Lady" Picture by David Castillo Dominici/