How Colours Affect Business Productivity?

Productivity is essential. Whatever you do and whatever your line of work may be, your success depends on your productivity. That is why it is so important to make yourself and your employees as productive as possible. Once you cover all the big and obvious ways to increase the productivity in your company, it is time for the small and more detailed ways of boosting it. The environment as well as design, play a very important role here, so here are five colours that can help you in your efforts to boost your efficiency in the office.

There are no ultimate truths when it comes to colours, however. Culture and personal experiences do have a part to play and people’s responses to colour may differ based on their personal circumstances.

This article provides a brief guideline on colours and their impact on productivity in the workplace.


This is probably the perfect colour to put it in your office as it has so many shades. Actually, it has the most shades visible to the human eye when compared with other colours. It can be cool but it’s considered a lot warmer than other ‘cool colours’. Green has the natural association about it. While it reminds us of calming effects of nature, it also brings feelings that are associated with spring, activity and growth, a great combination for the office.


The calming effects of this cool colour are evident. It encourages introspection and meditation. Since the office can be quite a stressful place where employees are required to think deeply and generate new ideas, some blue can be useful. However, too much blue can be a bad thing. Be aware that this is also the best colour for the bedroom due to its soothing effects – the last thing you want is employees yawning and napping while they should be at work.


Psychology claims that this is the colour that entices intellectual abilities and boosts concentration - precisely what the doctor has ordered for a successful day at the office. However, a lot of this warm colour can be a bit annoying for some people, especially if it is in bright or screaming tones. Yellow can be used successfully to draw attention to children’s products.


When combined with some cool or neutral colour, red gives a touch of activity, dynamics and vivacity needed in the corporate world. Excellent options to combine with red in the office are grey, black and white. They work perfectly well together. However, entire walls painted in red would be too much as it can become irritating in large dosages. It may even cause folks to be irritable, aggressive and experience headaches.


This is a basic colour that increases lighting in the office, makes it look bigger, more enlightened and can decrease that grossly suffocating feeling one can get in small spaces. This is particularly beneficial for employees holed up in the office for eight hours everyday. Also, it goes well with all the other colours and designs and you can combine it with any colour you like. White is often linked to a clean slate, a new beginning or a blank page ready to be filled with new ideas.

The fact that colours influence us greatly is well familiar to psychology as well as to Feng Shui. Since both the spiritual and science worlds acknowledge the big and important influence of colours on our behavior, it would be unwise to ignore it and not to take advantage of that fact. Therefore, think about the design of your office, what you want to achieve with it and pick the best colour for your office to encourage an increase in productivity.

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