How To Promote A Green Business

Promoting a green business is pretty much like promoting any other kind of business, except that the focus is a bit more narrowed. In this case, you will work with clientele that have eco-friendly values and are environmentally conscious, so you need to respect their take on things.

So, how do you know what you should do and what you shouldn't? Here’s a little guide that can help:


Once you start creating marketing materials, use only environmental-friendly products. Your (future) customers will know if you are cheating (don’t forget these people are really passionate about this). They’ll be able to tell if the paper is recycled and if you created your pamphlets and business cards using appropriate green products. If you try to cheat every once in a while, thinking they’ll let it go by, you are sure to have some unpleasant surprises. Be serious about it or don’t go into it at all. Being environmental-friendly and going green is a matter of belief and dedication, so avoid taking shortcuts that can hurt you in the end.


The best way to go green is not to use paper at all (if possible). So, focus on online marketing campaigns. As the Internet is environmentally friendly, you won’t be getting any beef from your customers.


Do your research properly. Since you have decided to go green with your business, concentrate your advertising efforts on places that are most visited by environmentally friendly customers. Don’t try to persuade people to go green (yes, there are still people who don’t care much about the environment) and then suggest your product. You need people that are already green conscious to become your customers. If partnership is an option as a starting point, you may connect with other green businesses in your area (they can even be in a different sector) to promote each others’ services.


Local green festivals are one of the best places to ‘scout’ customers. Hence, attend them and spread the word about your company and product/service. Offering free demonstrations of your product like promotional mugs, shirts, pens, or anything else you’ve got in store would be an amazing move. Custom branded items are always a great way to grab someone’s attention.


Become a part of the green community. You can always donate some money or products to a local charity. Obviously, you are not expected to bust your budget but if you get the opportunity, it would be amazing to earn yourself a few taps on the shoulder for caring about the less fortunate.


If you are serious about going green with your business, you should make green awareness a part of your identity and strategy. What better way is there to carry employees along and integrate it as part of the culture?

If going green is not an option for you, then hire a PR company that specializes in promoting firms that want to go green and target green customers. There are even options of getting toolkits for sustainable business communities. This helps small businesses to get the word out about their enterprises.


Be open and honest with your customers. Rarely will any respectable green firm rely on terms like ‘sustainable’ or ‘eco-friendly’ without actually having proof of it. If your company has their packaging or anything else made from recycled paper, say so. If you have had energy costs reduced, be free to brag about it. Don’t be one of those companies that had their credibility ruined by lies – tell the truth in all marketing efforts.

Author Bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a business coach interested in topics related to marketing and advertising. Useful information for this article has been kindly provided by PromoPlanet.