A List Of Free Business Intelligence (BI) Training Courses For Business Analysts

In some cases, business analysis is practised within the context of transforming, enhancing and visualizing data to support business decision-making. BI initiatives apply data-centric system technologies and tools to deliver information that enables stakeholders make better decisions. 

This post comprises a list of free training that business analysts can use to gain the knowledge and experience of what to do when practising business analysis within the context of business intelligence. 

Please note that where a course is not offered for free indefinitely, financial aid is available, which can drive down the costs:

  1. Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and Applications: The course is offered by the University of Colorado and provides an introduction to how business intelligence technologies can enhance decision-making across diverse business sectors. You will gain the knowledge you need for using data warehouses for business intelligence purposes. You can also access video lectures and assignments for free.
  2. Business Analytics: This course introduces big data analytics to business professionals, including those with no experience. It will help you develop data literacy and an analytic mindset to help enhance decisions made with data. This course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania. Financial aid is available for this course.
  3. Strategic Business Analytics: This course is designed for business analysts and data scientists who desire to apply their statistical knowledge and techniques to business contexts. You will also learn how to take the results of your analysis and present them to stakeholders for smart business decisions. It is offered by ESSEC Business School in partnership with Accenture. Financial aid is also available for this course.
  4. Design and Build a Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence Implementation: This course teaches how to design and build data warehouses, create data workflows, write SQL statements to support analytical requirements and create dashboards/visualisations. You can access video lectures and assignments for free.

Do you know of any other free business intelligence courses that should be part of this list?