2016: 5 Most Popular Business Analyst Learnings Posts

It's that time of the year again and here is a list of the most popular 2016 posts, as determined by BAL readers. This list is based on the number of page views received by each post.

Special thanks to all BAL readers for making 2016 worthwhile.

Here it goes: 

1. edX: A New List of Free Training Courses For Business Analysts: Ready to get started with this list of free BA courses?

2. Design Thinking For Business Analysts: An Introduction: A Design Thinking approach enables Business Analysts to solve the wicked business problems they’ve always faced, but from a user-centric standpoint and following an iterative process. Guest Post By Cassandra Naji.

3. Techniques For Prioritising Requirements: Requirements prioritization is one of the key tasks that business analysts should assist stakeholders to complete. Priorities serve as a guide to determining which requirements should be fulfilled first and how scarce resources should be allocated. The prioritisation exercise should be done with key stakeholders who have the authority to make decisions on eliminating or including business requirements based on their relevance. 

4. Best Practices For Success in Business Analysis: The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on what practices to promote in the coming months. This piece lists the best practices of business analysis that all BAs should understand and participate in.

5. How To Get Into Business Analysis With No BA Experience: One of the most commonly asked questions from aspiring business analysts is how to apply for BA jobs without any work experience. In the field of business analysis, experience of any form, no matter how inconsequential it may seem, counts and should be emphasized.