10 CBAP Recertification Facts You Should Know

According to the CBAP Recertification handbook, there are two main reasons why IIBA requires Business Analysts to recertify: To ensure BAs keep up with changes in the profession and to ensure that they contribute to the profession.

Whether you are considering CBAP certification, you just obtained or are looking to renew your certification, this piece presents a list of 10 facts you should know.

  1. Each CBAP recipient will receive an email at least three months from their anniversary date notifying them that their recertification date is approaching, with all the necessary links and information required to apply. An examination date of April 18, 2013 results in a certification expiration date of April 18, 2016. You will need to complete the CBAP® Recertification Application Form and upload a completed CBAP CDU Reporting Form as part of the recertification process. 
  2. One Continuing Development Unit (CDU) is earned for each hour spent within a planned and structured learning environment or professional activity.
  3. CDUs can be earned from six different categories. CBAP recipients may achieve their CDUs in any combination of the various categories with each category having a maximum number that can be applied for within each recertification cycle as illustrated in the diagram below.
  4. A minimum of 60 CDUs should be reported with the possibility to carry over 20 extra CDUs earned in the third year to the next reporting cycle.
  5. CBAP recipients should keep a copy of their submission for at least 18 months after their recertification, as some recipients may be selected randomly for auditing.
  6. If some CDUs cannot be validated, you still have a fair chance of being recertified when all your CDUs are considered. Report more CDUs than you need.
  7. It is important to keep track of CDUs as soon as you earn them to avoid combing through email archives or calendars for dates and events. As soon as you become CBAP certified, download a copy of the CDU reporting form so that you can keep track of your CDUs, hours, dates, contacts and any other relevant information as you go along.
  8. The CBAP recertification handbook is the go-to guide for any questions you may have regarding recertification. Go through the Handbook as soon as possible so that you know which activities qualify for CDUs and which do not, way ahead of time. Once you are aware of the activities that count, you may then seek out opportunities to engage in them and record them as they occur.
  9. CDU activities completed prior to obtaining the CBAP designation do not count towards recertification requirements.
  10. IIBA must receive the CBAP recipient’s recertification package including payment by their certification expiration date.
CDU Categories:  Culled from the  Recertification Handbook

CDU Categories: Culled from the Recertification Handbook

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