Quotes For Business Analysts

On Writing Quality Requirements

Before engaging stakeholders in requirements gathering activities, I read all available documentation on business processes, business applications in use, regulatory requirements (if any), internal communication about changes in the organization, as well as other projects that may have dependencies on the project I am in. 

I also explore information relevant to the industry as a whole to identify possible good practices that I can re-use - Sergey Korban

Any business analysis task has to be organized to save your valuable time. Templates are of great help here as they let you re-use the common parts of documentation and customize as necessary. They also serve as a kind of checklist of required documentation, and ensure that you don’t miss anything - Sergey Korban

On Getting Started with a Project

It takes a crazy kind of courage, of focus, of foolhardy perseverance to quiet all those doubts long enough to move forward. But it’s possible, you just have to start. Break down that first barrier and just get things on the page. It’s not the kind of thing you can do in your head, you have to write something, sketch something, do something, and then revise off it.