Quotes For Business Analysts

On Product Design

When people have to choose which product to buy, people will actually choose the simpler product when their needs for a product are clearly defined. However, if they cannot clearly define what their needs for a product are, they will choose the more complex product with more features. You have to take into account people’s needs and how they’re defined – Anthony, UX movement

On Requirements Elicitation
If you haven't already guessed it, the 2 year old is the one that pulls on your pant leg and asks the dreaded question...WHY? And then WHY? And then WHY? And then WHY? And then WHY again! Until you have said something that satisfies their curiosity or at the least something they finally understand. The BABOK defines this as a key technique: 5 whys of Root Cause Analysis - Deena Chadwick

On Document Collaboration

Collaborating directly on documents allows for several different tasks to be taking place at the same time.  If one stakeholder is entering comments about one part of your document, other stakeholders can enter comments about other parts.  This prevents wasted downtime and allows stakeholders to work ahead when their topics are not being discussed - Jeremy Gorr

Collaborating directly on documents also allows gaining consensus on priorities. You could walk through a list of features and have a column for each stakeholder to enter their ranking of each feature. After you read off the name of the feature, wait a few seconds for everyone to enter their ranking, and then have a column that automatically averages all the rankings. Everyone can instantly see how everyone else has ranked the feature. This may spur discussions and eliminate confusions - Jeremy Gorr

A final benefit of opening your document to online collaboration is that the stakeholders can add more to the document after the meeting. Your document becomes a living document that doesn’t require repeated meetings to improve, since improvements can be made at any time day or night by all participants - Jeremy Gorr

On Creating Simple Product Designs

Yes, it is harder to create a simple-to-use design when the product does more stuff, but the last decision you should make is to remove (valuable) functionality in order to increase simplicity. That would be cutting off your nose to spite your face. Instead, focus on reducing the complexity of your current capabilities. There’s a difference between easier to use and does less. Removing a capability from your product doesn’t make a user’s life simpler—the problem doesn’t go away, just your solution to it - Scott Sehlhorst