Quotes For Business Analysts

On Role of a BA

As a BA you may be put on a project in an industry or organization you are not familiar with. Step 1, learn all about it. Figure out who does what, who are the decision makers, and what kind of tools and processes are currently in place. Business analysts are problem solvers. They’re not afraid to take on a challenge. What does the business need? What would the requirements be to solve this need? An ideal candidate has an analytical mind, and is able to break a complex problem into pieces, ask the right questions, and propose good solutions. It’s not just proposing solutions too, but being able to defend them as well.

                                                                                                           - Betsyspang

On Role of a BA 

When playing the BA role, we often have to actively challenge our stakeholders. Of course, we’ll do so with respect and rapport, but we are often the discipline that points out the elephant in the room or challenges implicit assumptions. This is a core part of our role, and we should feel empowered to create the permission to ask challenging questions. However, asking difficult questions might make us somewhat unpopular.

                                                                                                           - Adrian Reed

On User Story Mapping

An outside-in approach to developing great products starts with market-sensing—understanding the problems that are important to your market. You don’t solve problems with features. In fact, your product doesn’t solve problems. Your users solve problems—and your goal is to create a product that helps them solve or avoid problems. What user story mapping does is force you to explicitly understand the processes that users follow or will follow to solve problems and the value-chain or workflow by which these users achieve their goals.

                                                                                                          - Scott Sehlhorst