Quotes For Business Analysts

Quotes On Failing Projects

First, it doesn’t matter how good the requirements look; if they’re not based on the everyday reality of your company’s operations, they’re not worth a used tissue. Second, don’t take anything at face value. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions and look under all the rocks. Third, cancelling a project can be a good thing. I thought when I stood in front of the board and told them to kill my project, I would be out of a job the next day. But they appreciated my honesty and recognized my hard work. I moved on to other projects and my standing in the organization was enhanced by the way I handled a really ugly situation.

                                                                                                      - Geraldine Mongold

Quotes on Starting a New Project

A product manager should be thinking mostly more strategically and explicitly from a market point of view. Who are the right customers? What are their most important problems? How effective is our product as a tool to help them solve those problems? The best tool I’ve found for a product manager trying to start to get away from the inside-out view of “What should we add next to our product?” and into the outside-in view and ask “What are the most important problems our customers face?” is a customer journey map

                                                                                                          - Scott Sehlhorst

Quotes on Tacit Knowledge

A key technique for uncovering tacit knowledge is observation. It is well worth going to see the environment your business users and colleagues work in, and it is extremely valuable to see a process from its beginning to its end point. This insight can be followed up with interviews, workshops, or any other requirements elicitation technique. However you handle it, be sure to plan for tacit knowledge, and engage/work with your stakeholders to bring it into the spotlight.

                                                                                                              - Adrian Reed