A List Of Free Information Technology (IT) Training Courses For Business Analysts

Business Analysts (BAs), as part of their job description, need to find and recommend solutions to business problems. These solutions often involve the introduction of technology into the business in one form or another. It is therefore critical that BAs have a strong grasp of technology so that they are knowledgeable enough to recommend solutions to the business, while taking into consideration the impact of the solutions they recommend.

This post is a compilation of training courses related to computing and technology in general, that business analysts can explore. Where a course is not offered for free indefinitely, financial aid is available.

So, are you looking to sharpen your technical skills?

Explore the list of free courses outlined below:

Training Courses From Coursera

1. Cloud Computing Concepts, Part 1 -  This course is offered by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A follow-up course to this is Cloud Computing Concepts: Part 2, which also teaches the fundamental concepts of cloud computing. A similar offering is the Cloud Computing Applications, Part 1: Cloud Systems and Infrastructure course, which provides an overview of cloud computing and big data.

2. Emerging Technologies: From Smartphones to IoT to Big Data Specialization: This course covers the information technologies we use daily and those that will be used. It covers the use of Big Data, Wi-Fi, internet operations, Cloud Computing & CDN Emerging Technologies, to mention a few. Financial aid is available for this course.

3. The Impact of Technology course from EIT Digital, focuses on how to use theories and methods to make predictions on the potential impact of new technology. It will help the business analyst take advantage of technology evolutions.

4. The Business Technology Management course will empower you with knowledge of the IT domain, management and analytical skills needed to stand out in our increasingly digital world. Financial aid is available for this course.

Training Courses From edX

edX provides the following courses which can also help to improve your understanding of common technologies:

5. Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies - Learn the basics of cloud computing as well as the tools and technologies in use by top cloud platforms and their characteristics. This course is brought to you by The Linux Foundation and can help in choosing the right technology stack based on the needs of your organization/client.

6. Supply Chain Technology and Systems - Learn fundamental IT concepts and how technology is applied in supply chain systems, which has a long history of using technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness. This course is offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

7. Introduction to Data Storage and Management Technologies - Learn the fundamentals of how enterprises store data and how this data can be managed with technology. The course is offered by IEEE and covers storage security concepts, virtualization technologies, storage area network, business continuity, cloud computing, etc.

8. Introduction to Management Information Systems (MIS): A Survival Guide - Learn the skills you need to succeed in corporate environments dominated by Management Information Systems. The course also touches on MIS trends such as Cloud, Big Data, ERPs, outsourcing, etc. It is offered by Charles III University of Madrid.

9. Introduction to cloud computing - This course is offered by Microsoft and teaches the fundamentals of cloud computing. The course will help you understand how organizations use different cloud solutions to meet their business needs.

Do you know of any other courses that may be added to this list?