Why Bother With Test Case Management Software?

Test Case Management Software can ease the testing process by ensuring that:

1.  Test cases are prepared, stored and accessible online

2.  Test results are recorded and accessible to everyone real-time, making it easy to monitor the progress of test sessions

3.  The status of test cases can be tracked. For example, Test Management can help in monitoring passed, failed and skipped test cases.

An example of a test case management software that we have found particularly useful in our team is TestLodge. TestLodge allows users to be assigned multiple test cases via test runs, with the functionality to track how many have been completed. The test cases can also be created per process/module, thus making management reporting easier.

Comments and screenshots can also be provided against test cases to ensure that a comprehensive description of defects can be achieved.

Analysts involved in test sessions can use the data/knowledge gathered during test sessions as input to change request forms or lessons learned logs.

So, whether you are working as a business analyst or software tester, consider using a test case management software to ease the process of requirements’ verification.

 Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net