A List of Free Web-based Wireframing/Mockup Design Applications

Business Analysts usually have to prepare wireframes that represent stakeholders' requirements for validation purposes. When requirements are presented visually, stakeholders are better able to point out improvements that can be made before system development begins. This post is a compilation of free wireframing applications you can use to get started when designing user screens/mockups.

Most of the providers offer packages with increased functionality should you desire an upgrade.

  1. Lucidchart is a web-based tool popularly used for creating flowcharts, business process models & organizational charts. It can also be used for creating screen mockups.
  2. Check out NinjaMock which offers key features for creating the low fidelity sketches/mockups you need for free. The free package is limited to 3 projects maximum.
  3. Moqups is another intuitive and free application for wireframing. It comes with a free account that limits you to 2 projects and 5MB of storage.
  4. Lumzy allows you to create mockups with its vast object library. It comes with in-built features for interactivity using event triggers and actions for building rich mockups.
  5. Mockingbird Application is also available for free and offers users a platform to create a maximum of 1 project with 10 pages.
  6. Create your clickable wireframes with Justinmind for free. It offers unlimited pages but basic interactivity with its free version.
  7. Gliffy is a web-based tool for creating diagrams online including interface mockups.
  8. Creately has all the features needed in an online, collaborative modelling platform. In addition to process models, you will also have access to designing mockups/wireframes.

Do you know of any other application out there with a free version? Do leave a comment below.

Picture Attribution: “Pencils” by Pixomar/Freedigitalphotos.net