Why Projects Fail & The Role of Project Managers

Completing a project is never easy. Even a project you are working on by yourself can prove difficult to complete. How many times have you started a project and given up halfway through? Well, imagine how difficult it is for businesses with so many different people and departments working on projects—the high failure rates are hardly surprising. This infographic from Trainwest takes you through why projects fail and what project managers can do to keep project teams motivated.

The big issue with projects is that they generally have so many moving parts. Project managers must deal with people working on different parts of a project in a variety of departments which makes it difficult to keep everyone motivated and in alignment with the vision of the project.

The role of a project manager can be difficult as they often have no defined role. They just have to ensure everyone on the project stays on track and understands the goal of the project. Find out more about how project managers can help to ensure projects are completed successfully in the infographic.