How Do I Cope With A New Boss?

Coping with a new boss is not always straightforward. When you’re used to working with one boss and suddenly have to cope with a new one, the rules change for everyone. Doubts, fears and questions are bound to crawl through your mind. 

Perhaps what was previously alright in the previous regime will no longer be so? Will the new boss allow you to work independently or micromanage you? Will the new boss be super smart or a complete novice and you would have to hold his hands all the way?

You may even find that other team members are putting up walls that have to be broken anew. 

No one likes change. What can help to get through this initial stage is understanding the reason for the change and being positive about it. Positivity comes with open-mindedness and a renewed ability to accept the change and make the most of it. Remember that your new boss is probably just as anxious as you are. 

Do you have a new boss? Here are some tips that can help you cope with this change.

1. Create the best first impression you can. A new boss usually tries to size everyone up to decide who’s a team player and who’s not. The first impression you make can spell the beginning of a positive career path for you or destroy your chances.

2. Be open minded and willing to accept the changes your new boss brings. No two people are the same. Your former boss is very unlikely to be like your new boss. The changes your new boss makes may make seem better or worse. Be open-minded enough to try them out (as long as they are not detrimental to the organisation) to avoid being seen as an obstacle.

3. Communicate often. Your new boss should spell out what is expected of you clearly from the start. If he does not, initiate the discussion. You should also try to understand what mode of communication your new boss prefers. Is he an email or face-to-face person? Communicating frequently with your new boss will help you clarify any assumptions in the air. 

4. Share knowledge with your new boss and help out whenever you can. If your new boss takes a wrong step, don’t be afraid to point it out so that he understands that there are better ways of getting things done. Be as supportive as you can and he will appreciate you for it.

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