4 Amazing Podcasts All Entrepreneurs Should Know About

Successful entrepreneurs know that the day that they stop learning is the day success starts to run dry. One of the big factors in becoming a success is having the willingness to learn and the drive to do better, whether that means producing better products, giving better-paid speeches, or writing better articles. For many, podcasts are a great way to go about getting new ideas that can propel their professional endeavours to the next level. Here are 4 podcasts entrepreneurs could get great value out of:

Podcast #1: Attract the right clients, at the right price, anytime you want with Russell Ruffino

Russell Ruffino is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, but he didn’t start that way. After getting fed up with the rat race as a $500 per week bartender, Ruffino developed a system designed around targeting customers and put that system to work. Today, he is the CEO of a Inc. 500 company by the name of Clients on Demand. He also runs a podcast that is well worth your time.

Russell Ruffino’s podcast is centered around three key factors:

  1. How to evaluate what your work is really worth to people and be able to charge that much. 

  2. How to make decisions from the standpoint of the person that you want to be, rather than the person you are today. 

  3. Cultivating calmness and positivity; the art of never being rattled. 

Podcast #2: The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is another rags-to-riches, multi-millionaire entrepreneur. In fact, he’s the author behind the best-selling book, the 4-Hour Workweek, a book that can be credited with changing the way many professionals manage their time today.

In his podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, he brings his engaging personality off of the pages of his book into the headphones and speakers of listeners. The podcast is a highly enlightening experience, featuring not only Tim, but a diverse set of guests like Katie Couric and Seth Godin. Ultimately, the podcast is centred around a deep dive into the tactics and strategies that high-performance people employ to achieve success in sports, arts and business. 

Podcast #3: The School Of Greatness

The School of Greatness is a podcast that was developed and hosted by Lewis Howes. Howes is yet another highly successful entrepreneur. He has a strong track record as a New York Times bestselling author and former professional athlete.

The School of Greatness is split into various episodes; each is a podcast that covers various topics associated with inspiration, business, entrepreneurship, health and relationships, with new 5-minute episodes offered every Friday. 

Podcast #4: The Introvert Entrepreneur

Finally, The Introvert Entrepreneur is a podcast focused on launching introverted individuals to success. The podcast is generally between 15 and 45 minutes. However, this short time frame is filled with compelling information that, in my view, can help entrepreneurs, no matter how introverted or extroverted they may be. The podcast is hosted by Beth Buelow, a successful thought leader in the world of entrepreneurship. 

Final Thoughts

There are several highly successful individuals out there who are willing to share the steps they took to find the success they now live. In many cases, these steps are shared through podcasts. The four podcasts mentioned in this article are tried and true sources of some of the best business and success tips, tricks and concepts.