Leading Managements Trends Of 2015

Management is prone to frequent change. Management trends change fast and they are an ever-growing and ever-changing phenomenon. The end of each year often marks an appropriate time to make predictions about the upcoming year.

Here are some thoughts on what to expect in 2015 in terms of project management.


When it comes to management, the only constant thing is change. This nature of the management is quite interesting and it is important to point out that things will continue to grow in that direction in 2015. Management flexibility is particularly important in a world where information and technology change very quickly. With rapid changes in technology, it is hardly surprising that management approaches are changing as well, since technology typically evolves to support and improve the ways and processes of the business. Managers will no doubt place a high priority on innovation in 2015.


When it comes to flexibility, the Agile way of management has proven to be quite effective. This management system will remain big and important in year 2015. However, there are signs that the ‘honeymoon phase’ and the hype about Agile is gradually calming down with its downsides now visible. On the other hand, it means that this firmly incorporated way of management will be viewed more realistically and implemented only in situations where it is required.

Transition To Cloud

The days of lost data and slow communications are over. Data is increasingly being moved to the cloud and so are entire business operations. There are different ways to achieve this, including virtualization and cloud computing. Cloud computing facilitates business operations, makes remote management easier and leaves a lot of room for outsourcing. In 2015, this trend will continue to grow, so adapting management styles to suit this trend is of vital importance.

Distributed Teams

Teams dealing with different aspects of the business no longer have to be located in the same place with cloud computing in place. This further implies that managers must learn how to cope with the challenge of managing teams that are located in different parts of the city, state or world! This will definitely require some adjustments to how business is managed, to make it easier and more effective.

Teams Taking Up Parts of A Manager’s Role

This is yet another trend that is here to stay due to the distribution of different teams and the way business processes are conducted today. The trends of 2015 indicate that teams will have more independence. Consequently, team members will need to make decisions quickly and efficiently. With that in mind, some of the decision-making and management activities will be transferred from the General Managers to the team members. This way, processes will become more effective and will take less time to complete. However, this implies that teams will require more knowledge and qualification to play this role. Some of them will need to learn about business and get the additional training that is needed for such situations.

Business project managers and team leaders will need to learn more about innovation and their business processes. Luckily, in the year 2015, a lot of that knowledge will be available. Training opportunities will also increase and open up to those who need them.

Author Bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a business coach interested in topics related to marketing and advertising.