4 Things You Should Remove From Your BA Resume To Get Your Dream Job

If you want to get your dream business analyst job, you should create the perfect resume.

Sometimes, it’s pretty difficult to understand what you should include in your resume and what you should remove from it. To ensure that your resume contains only valuable information, check out the following recommendations.

1. One-month and two-month jobs

If you worked in a company for a month or two, it’s unlikely that you had the opportunity to learn as much as you could have. It’s more likely that you spent this short period of time adapting to the new workplace. Even if you were a business analyst at Google or Apple, you shouldn’t mention it in your resume.

In fact, one- and two-month jobs significantly lower your chances of landing a great job. 

2. Irrelevant experience

If you are a newbie in business analysis and want to land your first job, you need to mention relevant skills which match the BA job description. 

If you worked as a bartender or babysitter in the college, it’s much safer to leave this out of your work history as this experience is not directly relevant to the BA role.

If you wrote fascinating articles when you worked as a journalist or delivered great presentations when you worked as a business coach however, you can include this information in your resume, as communication and presentation are essential BA skills

3. Street address

Some professionals wrongly believe that they should include their full home addresses in the resume.  Including your home address in your resume is a relic of the past, so you should remove this information, unless it’s specifically requested of you.

4. Superfluous contact details

Which contact details are really important? Your personal email, cell phone number, and a link to your LinkedIn profile, should do for starters. Don’t include superfluous information like landline phone numbers, extra email addresses or links to your profiles on Facebook or Instagram.

Bottom line

Remember that your BA resume is a tool, which can help you make a great first impression on potential employers. Don’t overload your resume with unnecessary details that can easily detract from the skills you are able to bring on board.

Author’s Bio

Sylvia Giltner is an HR specialist and manager for an online letter writing service Resumes Centre. She helps people land a desirable job. Sylvia’s writing has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Next Avenue, TLNT and more. Feel free to connect Sylvia on LinkedIn.