How To Get A Business Analyst Job Without Canadian Work Experience: The College Option


Gaining work experience is extremely essential to breaking into the Canadian Job Market. If you’re a business analyst in Canada looking to retrain, get some work experience under your belt and launch your business analysis career, here are some college degrees in Canada that are relatively quick to get (require an investment of up to a year of your time), have flexible study schedules and come with opportunities for work experience.

Without getting into the college vs university debate, colleges tend to be career-oriented and offer practical or hands-on training that you can use from day one on the job.

While there are no guarantees of getting a job after completion, if you put your best foot forward, you’ll land co-op/work opportunities for gaining the much sought-after canadian experience, and these colleges will provide the support you need to get a job as a business analyst. In no particular order, they are listed as follows:

1. Northern College offers Pures – Information Systems Business Analysis

2. Sheridan College offers Business Analysis and Process Management . There’s also the added advantage of exposure to the SAP enterprise resource planning software.

3. Cambrian College - Offers an IT Business Analysis Graduate Certificate (BAGC).

4. The last but not the least is George Brown College which offers the Information Systems Business Analysis Program. This is of particular interest as the program is endorsed by IIBA. Graduates are also issued an extra credential - the IIBA Academic Business Analysis Diploma.

The main advantage of these courses is that they are relatively affordable when compared to equivalent university degrees, have minimal entry requirements and offer work term or placement opportunities that will ensure you get your foot in the door. The no-canadian-work-experience barrier can be lifted with this approach and you will have the opportunity to prove your worth.