How My Business Analyst Career Started

I'd always had the drive and passion for business analysis but the path to get there was unclear.

For a long time, I was stuck in the catch-22 rut of no BA work experience, no BA job. Right from school days, I’d developed an interest in analysis. By the time I graduated from University, however, most of the jobs I could get easily were IT jobs, because of my Computer Science background. I took 2 IT jobs at the inception of my career and tackled certification after certification. I did this to earn a pay cheque and not because I was interested in systems administration.

Due to my level of interest (or the lack of it), I crammed my way through ICT certification study packs. I eventually quit my job to start a course in Analysis, Design & Management of Information Systems (now called MSc Management, Information Systems and Innovation) at LSE. 

Upon graduation, I was faced with a tough economy and all the pressure that comes with hunting for a job. Four months later, I was offered a contract position to work as an analyst on an HR Information Systems Project. While on this job, I got another offer to work as a Business Process Analyst. That pretty much sums it up.

I started my much sought-after career, and that’s how my BA journey began.

In all my work experience across different careers, I can say without a measure of doubt, that I have never felt the level of satisfaction and fulfilment at a role as I do now working as a Business Analyst. Forget the money, it’s real love this time :). I started this blog to learn and to help others learn simply because it's impossible to add value to others without some of it rubbing off on me.

I’d love to share my professional journey and provide timeless lessons and tips in the clearest way possible to fellow BAs.

Why, you ask? Because Business Analysis does not have to be difficult. With the right resources and support, you can start your career too.

Though we didn't start this journey together, the fact that you’re here means we’re on the same path. Read 6 Practical Steps to Starting your BA Career to get started.