4 Basic Tips For Writing A Better Business Case

Business Analysts are often required to write business cases to justify whether or not a concept/product is viable. Business cases can be of varying lengths and structure. Taking on such a task can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are four basic but easily forgotten tips that will make the process easier, and result in a winning business case.

1. Create Logical Sections

Whether you start writing the document with little preparation, or plan it out in detail beforehand, some basic structuring is vital to maintain coherence. Break down your document into key sections, and for each section set out 3-5 key points you want to make. How much detail to add during the planning stage is up to you, but having this core structure in place will keep you focused.

2. Use the Pomodoro Technique

Writing a business case can seem daunting. However, there is a simple technique for breaking down your writing into easier sections: the Pomodoro technique: write in sessions of no more than 25 minutes. Then take a break for five minutes, before starting again for another 25 minutes. This approach helps boost motivation.

3. Keep CCERP in mind

Any document needs to be clear, concise, evidence-based, relevant and plausible.

• Clear: The document should be presented in simple language, leaving no room for confusion
• Concise: No long-winded details or superfluous information
• Evidence-based: All arguments should be supported by evidence with all assumptions highlighted
• Relevant: Ensure the document contains sufficient/useful information
• Plausible: Any conclusion made is supported by preceding arguments.

Get all these characteristics right and your business case will shine.

4. Check Your Spelling and Grammar

This can’t be overstated enough – spelling and grammar matters. Nothing is more distracting than reading a poorly worded and badly edited document. Worse still, the errors begin to make the document incoherent. Don't just rely on good old spellcheck; check for grammar errors as well

Writing a business case can seem challenging. With adherence to basic elements like structure and spelling however, it can get the professional polish it needs.