Business Analysts And The Power of Visual Communication

The way information is presented or communicated has a significant impact on how much of it is retained. 

Short attention spans, competing deadlines and the fast-paced business environment of today point to the fact that communication should be direct and effectively planned. When images are incorporated into discussions, presentations and other elicitation events, they can help to spark conversation, break the ice and increase stakeholder engagement. Building visual content into stakeholder interactions can go a long way to increase what your audience remembers.

Visual communication should thus be employed by the BA when interacting with stakeholders to ensure that information is passed across succinctly and accurately. Particularly important is the fact that visual communication facilitates communication with stakeholders of different languages; pictures give less room for ambiguity. 

So, whether it’s online collaboration, social media engagement or a boardroom presentation, employ the power of visuals to get your points across much faster and more effectively.

While spoken words and text are important in communication, it is certainly worth evaluating if delivering 15 pages of text, a verbal discussion, a mockup or a combination of these is what you need to get your point across.