Top Business Analyst Websites and Blogs to Follow

LAST UPDATED: April 22, 2014

As soon as I decided that Business Analysis was it for me, the first thing I did was to scour the Internet for popular BA sites, templates, blogs and forums that would add value to me. This post started out listing only 6 Business Analyst Blogs/Websites (in no particular order) but has expanded to include other sites and will most likely continue to expand as more sites are born (or discovered). Each site has its purpose so, depending on what you’re looking for or what stage of your career you're in, you may prefer one to the other.

You’ll also find me linking to extremely interesting articles from these blogs from time to time if you're a fan of Business Analyst Quotes

1. Modern Analyst - I love the Modern Analyst Site for two reasons: Content and Community. Are you looking for a Business Analyst forum, blog, career advice, free articles, webinars, training, templates and tools? Just name it. You're likely to find it on this site.

It's also a great platform for contributing to the ever-expanding Business Analyst network and growing your name as a Business Analyst professional. They accept blog posts from community members and experts. I subscribed to the newsletter for updates on upcoming webinars and white papers, most of them free. If you like browsing through masses of information on websites, you've found a Business Analyst gold mine.

2. BA TimesThe BA Times Website contains an interesting stock of free white papers you can download and read on the go. Their white papers are filled with practical advice you can easily apply to your job. The website maintains an updated list of upcoming webinars, a job board and lots of timely articles on business analysis from numerous professionals. They also run a paid subscription model that offers access to webinars on various BA topics; attending these webinars counts towards the Continuing Development Units (CDU) necessary for IIBA recertification. There’s so much more on this site, but these are what stood out for me.

3. Bridging the GapIf you’re starting out on your Business Analysis career, you should definitely stop by this website. It has practical and great advice on how to launch your Business Analyst career and mature your practice. Laura Brandenburg also hosts a free e-mail course to get you started. For Business Analyst newbies and experts, this is definitely one site to bookmark.

4. Business - You don’t see frequent posts on this one, but when you do, the posts are thought-provoking. I particularly like the post on what a business analyst does. I’ve seen many articles written on this topic, but this one clearly stands out.

5. BA - Visit this site for Business Analyst Online Training and CBAP/CCBA Application Study Tips. Some of their resources are free, like the CBAP flash cards, but most you’ll have to pay for. They also have great articles that offer guidance for your CCBA or CBAP Application, if you’re thinking of getting certified.

6. Adrian Reed’s Blog - I find Adrian’s blog posts interesting. His writing style is simple, and his posts are definitely engaging. Adrian runs an insightful blog on business analysis and change management. Check out his posts on Avoiding Elitism in your Business Analysis Templates and Techniques and 4 Business Analysis Myths we could do without.

7. Seilevel Blog - Visit this site for relevant and timely articles on Business Analysis. The authors are business analysts who write about their work and what they've learnt on the job. The tips you get from this site are practical and can be applied to your projects.

8. The IIBA Community Network allows members to create personal pages; join groups; take part in the forum; gain access to an online library and other resources for their professional development. 

9. Techwell Requirements & Business Analysis Stories - Visit this site for fresh and insightful stories on Requirements and Business Analysis. TechWell’s passionate industry professionals curate new stories every day to keep you up-to-date on the latest in development, testing, business analysis, project management, agile, DevOps, and lots more.

10. Practical Analyst - This blog is run by Jonathan Babcock, an expert in business analysis, process optimization and solution delivery methodology. Practical Analyst is his outlet for sharing what he's learned and for interacting with solution delivery professionals across the globe.

11. The Business Alchemist's Blog - The Business Alchemist's Blog is run by Assist Knowledge Development and features thought-provoking articles on business analysis. Explore free lessons, publications, videos, audio and lots more available at AssistKD's Knowledge Hub.

12. Managing Requirements Website from Ludwig Consulting Services - This website contains practical information on requirements management, recommended resources and links to requirements management tools you can explore.

13. Visit the EBG Consulting Blog run by Ellen Gottesdiener for enlightening insights on requirements, business analysis, product development and collaboration.

14. The Enfocus Solutions Blog is a Business Analysis & Requirements Management Blog that focuses on helping organizations improve their requirements development and management practices.

15. Explore Business Analysis Resources from TapUniversity which include Instantly usable and helpful information for project management, agile/SCRUM, business analysis, IT strategy & compliance and lean – six sigma.

16. The BA Coach is run by Yamo, a passionate and practising business analyst, author, and blogger to help business analysts do analysis better by providing educational, relevant, and inspiring content.

17. Visit BAwiki, a reference and blog for Business Analysts with loads of wiki-style content on BA tools, techniques and links you’re sure to find useful.

18. Visit the Practical Requirements Management blog run by the folks at Accompa, Inc. They use the blog to share thoughts on how companies can improve their requirements management processes and build successful products.

Do you know of any other Business Analyst Blogs I could add to this list or bookmark?