Quotes for Business Analysts

Quotes on Social Media & Business Analysts 

I don’t think corporate social media platforms like Yammer & Chatter will ever replace face-to-face interviews, workshops, or other requirements elicitation techniques, but I can envisage a situation where they supplement them. I believe they can provide valuable titbits of information and uncover stakeholders who haven’t yet been identified by the project team. They’re also a great way of keeping stakeholders engaged and updated about the project. Better involvement and engagement leads to better adoption. I will certainly be considering the role of corporate social media networks for future projects.

                                                                                                           - Adrian Reed

Quotes on Benefits of Social Media 

Yammer is not the solution here. Decentralised decision making and wide-open collaboration are. Yammer was just the tool at hand on the day. The software team continued to work on small incremental changes, without direction, without requirements specification or even user stories. They were just working off dialogue in a yammer group.

                                                                                                           - Craig Brown

Quotes on Effectiveness of Software Features 

There are four key factors that determine how effective any feature is in achieving its design objectives. They are: Discovery (how easy it is to learn of the feature), Comprehension (ability of users to understand how to use the feature), Execution (ease with which users are able to perform the necessary steps to execute the feature continuously within a set time and Performance (how responsive the system is to user inputs, data and screen refreshes).

                                                                                                               - Ajay Badri

Quotes on Knowing Your Customers 

If we can start evaluating every system we define, every change we make, every problem we solve with the question: “will this satisfy the customer of my organization?”, we will likely be on target with the recommendations we make and all our changes and solutions will be aligned with the overall organizational goals and mission.

                                                                                                              - Steve Blais