A List Of Free Business Analysis Training: Agile Perspective

Perspectives are used in business analysis to provide focus to the activities carried out by the business analyst. BABOK Guide refers to “Agile” as one of the perspectives through which business analysis may be practised. The Agile approach is based on lean principles and accommodates changing demands or requirements. It is based on the premise that requirements will always evolve and encourages teams to adapt to changes instead of attempting to specify systems completely ahead of development.

The list below comprises free business analysis training courses that can help you hit the ground running when you practise business analysis within the Agile context. Where a course is not offered for free indefinitely, financial aid is available. Here we go...

  1. edX offers the Agile Software Development course to help you learn fundamental agile concepts covering the principles of agile, the roles involved in a typical agile project, agile practices, artefacts and assessment, all for free.
  2. Software processes and agile practices course offered on Coursera by the University of Alberta, delves into the processes needed to structure software development, and explains the foundations of Agile practices such as scrum and extreme programming. Another course related to Agile offered by the University of Virginia via Coursera is the Getting Started: Agile Meets Design Thinking course which covers key concepts of the agile product development methodology, agile user stories and prototypes, and how early validation can be achieved on projects.
  3. Agile Videos provides a quick way to learn Agile through videos. The site provides over 20+ free videos and webinars through its free membership option. Paid options are also available.
  4. CollabNet provides on-demand modules for anyone interested in learning Agile. These tutorials are delivered through short videos for free and cover topics like introduction to scrum, sprint planning, backlog refinement, Agile tips etc. It also provides an Agile Tips section covering how to support a product owner, development team, and project manager on Agile projects. This site can be useful to business analysts, consultants and even the clients or customers of the solution to be developed.
  5. The Advance Scrum Master Course is offered for free by iZenBridge and can prepare a BA to become a member of a scrum team. It explains how scrum teams function, agile values and principles, etc.
  6. WizIQ also provides a compilation of free Agile tutorials that can help the BA blend in any Agile formation.

Explore these courses so that if you ever find yourself working in an agile environment, you will have the knowledge needed to support the team. 

Do you know of any other free agile courses that should be part of this list? If yes, please leave a comment below.