Business Analysts In Canada: Bridging Programs For Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs)

There are numerous programs for Internationally Educated Professionals that new permanent residents to Canada may take up. These programs cover generic subjects ranging from workplace communication and integration advice to occupation-specific training. For those looking to enter the business analysis field in Canada, here are some organisations that offer training programs you may want to explore:

  1. Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Professionals - York University

  2. Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Professionals - Humber College.

  3. Business English for International Professionals – University of Toronto

  4. Business Edge for Internationally Educated Professionals – University of Toronto

These links have been provided only as a guide. You would need to research the province you intend to relocate to in order to ascertain which bridging programs are available for your profession.

How To Gain Canadian Work Experience: The Education/Work Term Pathway

Another route to gaining the much-desired Canadian work experience is by signing up for a University or College degree with a CO-OP (Co-operative Education) element. CO-OP degrees involve work placements which can last up to a term and they provide opportunities for aspiring business analysts to learn the theory as well as the practice of the profession. 

This post provides a list of college degrees with work placement elements that are suitable for business analysts:

1. Business Analysis and Process Management from Sheridan College with Coop option

2. Learn Business Analysis with Mohawk College and explore Student Placement Partnerships

3. Check out the IT Business Analysis – Graduate Certificate from Cambrian College. An unpaid 8-week field placement in the third semester is part of the program of study.

4. Explore Information Systems Business Analysis Program (with experiential learning capstone) (T405) from George Brown College.

Do you know of any other courses I can add to this list? Any other suggestions for gaining Canadian work experience are welcome. Do leave a comment below.