How To Gain Canadian Work Experience: The Volunteering Pathway

Volunteering in your free time is one of the most effective ways of keeping depression at bay when job hunting. Looking for a job can be a very stressful period and it is important that you limit the amount of time you spend worrying, waiting for that phone call or thinking about factors you have no control over. Volunteering has multiple benefits such as keeping you engaged, connecting you to members of your professional network and providing an opportunity for you to gain some Canadian work experience, which can potentially help you land the job you seek. 

This post lists a number of websites in Canada where you can explore volunteering opportunities, which may or may not be related to the field of business analysis. The objective here is not to provide an exhaustive list but a starting point for any BA looking for opportunities to connect with other professionals and make a difference, while waiting for their ideal job:

  1. Startup Canada

  2. Govolunteer

  3. Non-profit organizations

  4. Volunteer Toronto


  6. Plan International Canada

  7. Worldvision

Are you an employer offering volunteering opportunities to business analysts in Canada? Do you know of any companies offering business analysts volunteering opportunities? Would you like to share your volunteering experience? Do leave a comment below.