BAL currently does not offer training courses directly but has affiliations with companies that do. If you are in search of BA courses for yourself or your team members, explore the following:


1. BA Essentials Master Class from Bridging The Gap

Excerpt from the course:

This is a 4-week, virtual, self-study course that will walk you through the 8 steps to handling any type of business analysis project as a professional. When you go through the course, you’ll find the 8-step business analysis process helps you know exactly what to do next even when you find yourself in a new organization, new domain, and working with a new project team.

Here’s what’s included in the course:

  • 8 lessons covering the 8 steps in mp3 audio format with accompanying PDF transcripts, in case audio is not your favorite way to learn.

  • Weekly guidepost emails to help you stay focused and motivated, as well as answer frequently asked questions.

  • Business Analysis Plan Template you can use to estimate your business analysis activities and create a project timeline.

  • 6 months online access to all of the course materials. (You can also download and save them for future use.)

2. The BA Job Search Pack Program from Bridging The Gap

Excerpt from the course:

With the BA Job Search Pack, you’ll have everything you need to build a resume that lands you interviews, prepare for your interviews as much as possible, and also get crystal clear on your transferable BA skills and experiences so you’ll get hired faster.

The Job Search Pack covers three courses: Getting Hired Faster, Building a BA Resume that Lands You Interviews & Mastering the BA Job Interview 

3. Data Modeling For Business Analysts from Bridging The Gap

Excerpt from the course:

You’ll learn a structured approach for incorporating data modelling into your software development projects, even if you don’t have technical skills. What’s more, there’s an option for earning 8 PDs/CDUs for IIBA® certification or 8 PDUs/Contact Hours for PMI certification.

These techniques are covered:   

Glossary Entity Relationship Diagram (ERDs)Data Dictionary Data Mapping

4. Business Process Analysis Course from Bridging The Gap

Excerpt from the course:

In the course, you’ll build a concrete business analyst experience by successfully analyzing and improving a business process. One that you can add to your resume, share with your manager to support your case that you should have more business analysis responsibilities, or use to confirm your intentions to move into a business analysis career. 

5. Crafting Better Requirements from Bridging The Gap

Excerpt from the course:

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you got a particular requirement “right”? Or agonizing over how to best address stakeholder feedback on your requirements? Or perhaps you’ve only created informal documentation and would like to create a more formal requirements specification or more accurate acceptance criteria for an agile project like an experienced business analyst would.

Explore this course to improve your confidence in requirements specifications.

6. Use Cases and Wireframes from Bridging The Gap

Excerpt from the course:

To help you apply these use cases and wireframes together as part of a more formal, structured analysis process, we’ve put together Use Cases and Wireframes.

This is a 4-week, virtual, self-guided course that will walk you through exactly how to analyze and specify functional requirements by combining these two super-power techniques.

When you go through the course, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to understand what actually needs to happen on your software projects.


When you download the Business Analyst Template Toolkit, you’ll receive 12 annotated templates, corresponding work samples, and a guidebook to walk you through exactly how to use the toolkit to increase your effectiveness as a business analyst...Learn More




When you download the Requirements Discovery Checklist Pack, you’ll get over 700 questions categorized and cross-referenced so you can prepare for your next elicitation session with a sense of ease and confidence.

Complete with 18 checklists covering core business process areas and software features, the Requirements Discovery Checklist Pack is designed to help you think through the important questions you need to ask so you don’t overlook critical requirements (or feel unprepared for your upcoming requirements sessions)...Learn More


When you download the Business Analyst Email Toolkit, you’ll receive 32 simple, copy-and-paste email templates covering business analysis work scenarios that can be handled effectively via email. You’ll save time by using the templates as a starting point. What’s more, the the methodical approach incorporated into the templates will ensure you are using email in the most effective way...Learn More




If you want to speed up the requirements process on your projects (and get stakeholders more open and willing to talk to you), one of the best skills you can acquire is the ability to quickly create visual models.

To help you master making your own visual models fast, we’ve put together the Visual Model Sample Pack – 22 real-world visual samples that cover everything from UML diagrams to white board drawings, so you can easily incorporate more visuals into your requirements process, and get the process moving faster...Learn More.