Business Analysis Career: Alternative Domains To Explore recently reported on the loss of popularity for business analysts in the consulting sector using information from Adzuna and Joblift. The Adzuna study made an analysis of over 79 million UK job adverts, showing the number of new consulting jobs has decreased and continues to do so. That could apply to many different hats business analysts are wearing right now — some of the roles business analysts are accustomed to filling are being taken by those of other professions — accountants, for instance, often work in the role of business counsellors.

If you’re wondering where your qualifications may be able to take you in the future, here are some suggestions and things to think about regarding meaningful career paths that your business analyst skill set is usable in, especially when you are not wearing the business analyst hat.

Other Corners of Business

Knowledge of agile processes leave you with skills rivalled by a wide array of other professionals. Rather than marketing yourself as an analyst, you could instead start marketing yourself as a financial advisor. You may need some extra training, but you have some of the most crucial skills already — the data analysis and agile experience.

If you were exploring a more niche business analyst role, you would find that many of those lead to project manager skills. For instance, if you’re a business process analyst (BPA) specifically, then you may have already found you have the organizational and detail-oriented know-how to be a project manager in other capacities.

It may also be worthwhile to try using your agile experience in the role of a business process manager. Process designing, the analysis of past & current challenges, operations, and procedures — sounds like things you’ve already worked on in your business analyst job, doesn’t it? If you’ve already been working with project managers, you’ll have experience with administrative and managerial tasks which other applicants may not.

Government and Policy Legislation

In today’s age of fake news and popularity contests, new blood that cares about truth and precision is desperately needed. Public administrators serve the role of implementing policies, requiring smart planning skills and accurate data analysis. The best choices are informed choices, after all.

The cool thing about applying your skills to the role of a public administrator is that your new setting can be built on the issues you care about. Some people find political discourse too stressful, but more than ever it needs smart and accurate analysis. If you find yourself caring about politics and you’re good at your business analyst tasks, the world could certainly use you right now.

The Medical Field

Medical and health administration is often overlooked in terms of your skillset because people don’t like to mix the ideals of business and charity. While healthcare is often viewed as a right, the United States system does treat it like a business, and that means we need good people running this business who know how to meet the bottom line but ensure patients are taken care of.

Record keeping, financial planning, and tracking trends in patient activity are all important parts of health administration, similar to the things you do working with different businesses already. It’s just a new backdrop to your skill set, though the stakes are different. You can make a big difference in patients’ lives and make things better for them with what you know, while still making sure hospitals can properly cater to their patients financially.

How else do you think your business analyst experience can help you in other professions? Let us know in the comments below!


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